AW17 - Love, Leaves, Girls

There has always been girl power and there always will be. Great things happen when independent girls unite. The R/H Love, Leaves, Girls collection speaks for the energy between all women. This collection brings together a versatile line of textures and colors. Shiny rosegold pleats, marbling dark velvet, dotted mesh, heart-shaped cuts and cheery girly ruffles make a happy team within the collection.

Naturally there are prints included as well: pink-bursting Love designed with makeup, Leaves print on silk & jacquard, and Girls as a tribute to all sisters, mothers, mentors and soulmates to whom we are grateful for being surrounded by. We feel it’s meaningful that all women can find something to love in each R/H collection. Something that leaves an impact as they go forward in their lives. We’re all on our way to somewhere, growing and evolving.

R/H Studio AW17 Love Leaves Girls