AW19 - New Collection cycle of R/H

This Autumn/Winter was the first season we introduced our new collection cycle. We presented this smaller capsule collection called Pirkko.

R/H studio has a rich archive of prints, some of which have never been used, some, that always get a next round. For Pirkko Collection, we picked three inspirational prints to create an exclusive Capsule Collection named Pirkko. These prints were presented on two most desired R/H designs, the Shangri Dress and the Square Dress - designed in Finland, printed in Italy, sewn in Estonia. The prints are called Darling, Jamming and Friendship. The name Pirkko presents an everyday woman, wise yet hands-on kind of mentality. For her, the best clothes are the ones you don`t have to think about when you wear them. The collection is a co-design project with Hanna Riiheläinen, our head of design, and Emilia Hernesniemi, who is the designer for all R/H prints.

R/H Capsule Collection Pirkko