SS19 - Everyday Life

Everyday Life is inspired by a Finnish theater-play called the Phantom of Normality, written and directed by Saara Turunen. The Phantom of Normality explores the yearning for the ordinary, the fear of difference, and the horror of standing out from the crowd. This is most definitely a Finnish dilemma and yet we seem to do nothing but stand out with our oddity and social awkwardness.

We decided to glorify this uncomfortable nature of ours in this collection with an emphasis on styles and silhouettes that everyone can wear everywhere, anytime. Nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary, yet strange and intriguing. Brilliant and beautiful in the end!

Everyday Life Collection consists of styles in new, versatile yet bright shades of colors. The collection also includes different textures: from soft mohair and merino wool mix to silk and soft linen.

R/H Studio SS19 Everyday Life