AW18 - Winter Concert

The collection invites you to look and listen to a red moon, the northern woodlands, the play of light and shadow across the snow. A crescendo of sights and sounds, that flows through the tranquil, cold winter air. This collection is dark and enchanting, with colors have been diminished but not erased.

Flashes of light bring the tones alive and solid colors are, in fact, not solid at all.

The collection features three main prints, Sinfonia, Laulu (‘song’ in Finnish) and Kuu Jacquard refers to the red moon and styles that feature ruffles, boxy cuts and feminine textures like ribbed wool, glitter jersey, shiny copper weave and soft teddy wool. The collection also includes a range of accessories from leather berets to tricolored gloves made of soft reindeer suede. The collection provides a look that is interesting and practical at the same time.

R/H Studio AW18 Winter Concert