SS21 - Blooming Mind

R/H Studio presents the SS21 Collection "Blooming Mind", which got its name through the creativity of one's mind, the power to create magic, or the power to stay completely calm. The collection got its inspiration from the song "She Walks in Beauty" by Marianne Faithfull and Painter Inès Longevial. Paintings that celebrate the femininity and the power of womanhood, women that are deep in thought, and freedom is the only rule. For a short moment, the mind is peaceful and one can feel the summer wind, the scent of a flower, or hear the ocean. No matter what is going around her. All is good for that one peaceful moment. Feel the good, joy, inner smile, lightness, sweet colors and cut’s, timeless - giving some fun to life through R/H clothes. Clothes that can be treasured through a test of time.

R/H SS21 Blooming Mind R/H SS21 Blooming Mind