Emilia and Suvi-Elina guesting the Finnish podcast show Menestystarinan metsästäjät

Our Creative Director Emilia Hernesniemi and Member of the Board Suvi-Elina Enqvist were guesting the Finnish podcast Menestystarinan metsästäjät to talk about creativity, business and feelings before the opening of R/H's new flagship store Market Helsinki.

Menestystarinan metsästäjät is a Finnish podcast that addresses the creative economy's success through bold doers. The hosts Jani Niipola and Maryam Razavin interview both Finns and Internationals on how to build a success story - and how to learn from your mistakes.

The podcast is in Finnish and can be listened here: https://www.acast.com/menestystarinanmetsastajat/5.rh