What is Merino wool

Merino wool is one of nature's finest materials and its unique properties make it a super fiber. Merino wool fibers are thinner and smoother than other wool fibers. Because of this, merino wool feels soft and pleasant against the skin. Merino wool insulates heat and is breathable. It works particularly effectively for layering, so merino wool products are perfect clothes for a capsule wardrobe.

Easy to use, easy to care

Merino wool products are long-lasting if you take care of the products' maintenance. Wool is self-cleaning, has antibacterial properties, and fights bad odors. Instead of washing, woolen clothes should be aired regularly. Finnish winter is the best for this!

Merino wool doesn't like pressure and rubbing, so be careful with sharp corners. Merino wool is your best friend when you're traveling somewhere that doesn't require sunscreen because it doesn't wrinkle easily and rarely needs ironing.


Pilling is natural for merino wool products. Pilling usually appears in places that are exposed to friction. Pilling can be removed from clothes with a wool comb. This way your merino wool clothes will look fresh again and last longer.


Avoid unnecessary washing of your merino wool products. Air between uses and wash only when you really need it. Sometimes things happen and the garment gets stained, but it's better to treat the stains individually so you don't have to wash the whole garment.

When it's time to wash, remember to use a gentle detergent suitable for wool. Wash the laundry in the machine with a wool or fine program and make sure you use cold water. Use a laundry bag to protect the garment during washing. Do not spin. Check the care label for the right recommendation for your product.


Always dry woolen clothes on a flat surface so that they do not stretch. So don't hang it to dry. This can lead to product stretching. Do not tumble dry your merino wool products.


Keep your merino wool products folded instead of hanging so that the garment retains its shape.

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