Wool is a natural fiber that usually comes from sheep or goats, making it a renewable fiber source. It has many great properties as it acts as a natural insulator, and is breathable and flexible. Wool fibers also have a natural protective coating, so clothes made of wool do not need to be washed as often.

Wool-blend clothes have the warmth and natural appearance of wool, but they have been given added strength and shine from other materials.


As a natural fiber that repels dirt, wool is cleaned and freshened by airing. The best ventilation air for wool is moist and cold. Small stains are best removed as soon as possible by gently brushing or cleaning the stain.


Pilling is a natural part of wool clothes and it can be removed by brushing with a wool comb, for example. This will give your woolen clothes a fresh look again and last longer.


We use mohair and merino wool in our beanies, scarves and knitwear. The proper care of your wool-blend clothing depends on its material composition, which is why it is important to check the garment's care label before care procedures. We generally recommend washing our woolen clothes by hand using a detergent intended for wool. Always dry woolen clothes flat so that they do not stretch out of shape.


Store your woolen clothes clipped instead of hanging to help them retain their shape.

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