" R/H represents the women who connect with other women. Without barriers. Easy. Women who relate to each other. Women who women have fun with, enjoy the company of, wanna spend time with. We want to be the women in which other women find themselves. Enduring female icons. " 

Hanna Riiheläinen and Emilia Hernesniemi founded R/H in 2010, in Helsinki Finland, after working in different areas of fashion and design. Through a diverse and international experience, both women came to understand the value of a local production practice, which became the operative principle of the company. All R/H clothes and accessories are designed in Finland and fabrics manufactured in the European Union. R/H believes that this local, sustainable practice is essential for well-being.

R/H VALUES - these form the way we do things.


Loyalty is a value that gives us direction. We have worked with the same people and the same companies for years, some since the day we started. We want to have lasting relationships. To gain lasting relationships you have to be trustworthy and you have to take responsibility for your actions. We want people to have good working conditions. Togetherness is something we aim for. We don’t produce anything just for the heck of it. We want to make responsible and conscious choices when we deliver a new piece of clothing or accessory into this world.


We want to be able to stand behind what we do. That means that our products have to be of quality. We want to make long lasting and timeless designs. We have a process when we decide the fabrics we use and we keep developing our patterns all the time. Sustainability and transparency are important for us. Our website, our social media, our pictures, our service has to be of quality as well. Quality comes from having a good team. A team that helps each other. We are on the same tribe, there is no competition between the members of R/H tribe. We want to keep R/H as a brand you can call or ask whatever and we will get back to you.


Everything we do comes from a desire to do it, nothing is forced. We are free to make the decisions we make. We have the freedom to make bold and recognisable designs. We have the freedom to do playful, fun and colorful prints. We have the freedom to choose the people we work with. We take R/H seriously, but still there is humor behind everything we do. We keep things fun. That is important for us.