Woman with brown hair wearing R/H Studio's Bobi Long Coat in Airy Blue.
Beloved Bobi Coats

One of R/H's signature garments is the Bobi Coat. It comes normally in variety of different styles and colours. These coats have the recognizable Bobi pattern which has got its inspiration from a handheld fan.

R/H's Bobi Coats have become recognizable in the streets, and you can spot these lovelies in many different colors even though black is truly the classic wardrobe essential.


We do not recommend washing or tumble drying our Bobi coats. The coats have wadding inside of the recognizable Bobi pattern and that's why we only recommend professional dry cleaning.

Stain removing

We recommend removing stains immediately with, for example, environmentally friendly bile soap. You can use a little bit of water but do not rub the fabric.

Be gentle

Bobi coats have press buttons with the R/H logo. Please be gentle when opening the coat. Do not yank the coat open, because that could cause premature detachment of the press buttons.


We recommend storing your Bobi coat in a hanger.

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