SS19 - Everyday Life

Everyday Life is inspired by a Finnish theater-play called the Phantom of Normality, written and directed by Saara Turunen. The Phantom of Normality explores the yearning for the ordinary, the fear of difference, and the horror of standing out from the crowd. This is most definitely a Finnish dilemma and yet we seem to do nothing but stand out with our oddity and social awkwardness.

We decided to glorify this uncomfortable nature of ours in this collection with an emphasis on styles and silhouettes that everyone can wear everywhere, anytime. Nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary, yet strange and intriguing. Brilliant and beautiful in the end!

Everyday Life Collection consists of styles in new, versatile yet bright shades of colors. The collection also includes different textures: from soft mohair and merino wool mix to silk and soft linen.

SS19 Everyday Life


AW18 - Winter Concert

The collection invites you to look and listen to a red moon, the northern woodlands, the play of light and shadow across the snow. A crescendo of sights and sounds, that flows through the tranquil, cold winter air. This collection is dark and enchanting, with colors have been diminished but not erased.

Flashes of light bring the tones alive and solid colors are, in fact, not solid at all.

The collection features three main prints, Sinfonia, Laulu (‘song’ in Finnish) and Kuu Jacquard refers to the red moon and styles that feature ruffles, boxy cuts and feminine textures like ribbed wool, glitter jersey, shiny copper weave and soft teddy wool. The collection also includes a range of accessories from leather berets to tricolored gloves made of soft reindeer suede. The collection provides a look that is interesting and practical at the same time.

AW18 Winter ConcertAW18 Winter Concert


SS18 - Stormy Jazz

The collection introduces you a wardrobe of a modern diva. She enjoys culture and appears in places with a unique style of her own. Her look is bold and her mood flows up and down - just like the notes in jazz music. Movement is important to this creative woman, and motion is something that shows strongly in the spring / summer 2018 collection.

The Stormy Jazz collection includes three prints. Storm Print / Black & White is a duotone print in which darker and lighter parts are dancing together. Storm Print / Multicolor is a more bright and joyous version of the same print, both originally painted with oil on canvas. Jazz Print is a unisex print with piano keys and stormy stripes in between a piano keyboard.

SS18 Stormy Jazz


AW17 - Love, Leaves, Girls

There has always been girl power and there always will be. Great things happen when independent girls unite. The R/H Love, Leaves, Girls collection speaks for the energy between all women. This collection brings together a versatile line of textures and colors. Shiny rosegold pleats, marbling dark velvet, dotted mesh, heart-shaped cuts and cheery girly ruffles make a happy team within the collection.

Naturally there are prints included as well: pink-bursting Love designed with makeup, Leaves print on silk & jacquard, and Girls as a tribute to all sisters, mothers, mentors and soulmates to whom we are grateful for being surrounded by. We feel it’s meaningful that all women can find something to love in each R/H collection. Something that leaves an impact as they go forward in their lives. We’re all on our way to somewhere, growing and evolving.

AW17 Love, Leaves, Girls


SS17 - Home on Holiday

The 13th R/H collection is inspired by the idea of spending the long-awaited, liberating holiday somewhere unusual: home. A whole world of familiar things are suddenly dressed in excitement, and show new sides of themselves in inspiring light.

The SS17 collection consists of beloved R/H classics and some new and exciting pieces. Tactile details are paired with feminine, laid-back cuts. Crisp jacquards, stonewashed denim, smooth silk twill and soft bamboo are dancing with dots and pleats. The three prints - Suad, Black Bird and Huuli - are playful and eye-catching.

SS17 Home on Holiday


SS17 Home on Holiday


AW16 - Imaginary Friends

The R/H AW16 Imaginary Friends collection has got inspiration from Asia, yet provides styles and garments for many kinds of personalities. The season is about individuality, all kinds of friendships and personal style. Key materials of the season include soft jersey, merino wool and wool mixture knits, and they are accompanied by the season's prints; vibrantly colorful Darling Print, fun and artsy Ping Print, as well as girly Female Fries Print

AW16 Imaginary Friends


SS16 - Seven Seas

The Spring-Summer 2016 collection is about being brave and open-minded, and about discovering the explorer that lies within every woman. The cuts of the season are playful, yet flattering for the female body, and the collection features diversified tones, rich patterns and solid colors. The three prints of season include artistic Saari Print, graphic Hiili Print and a favourite from the past, Jungle Print.

SS16 Seven Seas


AW15 - Black Waves

The Autumn-Winter 2015 collection features perfectly seasonal dark colors, warming knits and gemstone tones for the party season. The R/H staples of feminine silhouettes, flattering details and insightful prints are clearly visible in the 'Black Waves' collection as well. The prints of AW15 are strong and bold, yet fun and feminine. Hands Print, which is printed in two colors, and the more subtle, yet multi-dimensional Library Print.

AW15 Black Waves


SS15 - White Lies

The SS15 collection is about letting go of those little white lies we tell to feel better about our choices, as letting go of them makes you feel a little bit more free. The collection has soulful, yet modern cowboy vibes to it, and features minimalistic pieces in bright performance colors such as grenade pink and tanzanite blue. The R/H prints of Spring-Summer 2015 are aquarelle-colored Billie Print, that resembles the silhouette of a horse's tail, and the more rough and earthy Lips Print that has a sort of camouflage rhythm.

SS15 White Lies


AW14 - Modern Fruits

The AW14 season was inspired by the multifaceted neo-classic perspective on fruits; a fruit is used as an object that never ages, yet the nature of fruit is forever fresh and pure. The Modern Fruits collection got its name from the collection's Roses Print that features many objects twisted and turned into a fresh new pop pattern. The color palette of the season is also derived from the Roses Print, including blueberry blue and grey. Another key print in the collection is the Pyramids Print that is printed on a perfect flowy crepe fabric.

AW14 Modern Fruits


KARHU x R/H collaboration

The KARHU x R/H collection is a special collaboration between two brands from Helsinki, Finland. The merger of a contemporary fashion line R/H and over 100 year old sportsbear brand Karhu resulted in fine crafted yet easy to wear garments with sporty finishing touch. The collection is called U&I and is inspired by strong yet lonely nomad souls. These young hearts bond but still cannot commit to each other. After all, running free is what they do best.

KARHU x R/H collaboration


SS14 - Over The Moon

The SS14 Over The Moon collection derives its inspiration from street heros and young souls who take their place in the world and thus wake up others to acknowledge their presence. The visual aesthetics of the season are influenced by the year 1993 and its heroines Sinéad O'Connor and Neneh Cherry, who possess unique and good-spirited styles. The collection consists of laid back garments structured with well thought details. Richly structured surfaces, 2-color combinations with printed layers serve as indicators for the era of 1990's.

SS14 Over The Moon


AW13 - Frightening Freedom

For the AW13 collection both R/H designers were inspired by the idea of finding ways to fight the feel of fear in strange situations. The inspiration elements of the Frightening Freedom collection came from the anxiety of real life as well as the fear of forest - coming from two designers practically from the forests. The bold structural fabrics such as the soft velvet velour, the gold checked taft and the black pleated satin are surfaces for fighters and offer protection against the feel of disbelief. All three R/H Prints - black/white Piano, colorful Sumu (Finnish for fog) and golden Magic Pine were inspired by a feel of freedom. A light feeling with a deep meaning.

AW13 Frightening Freedom


SS13 - Rainy Summer

SS13 Rainy Summer