What is merino wool

Woman wearing R/H Studio Mickey Wool Dress and Wool Band in beige merino wool.

Merino wool is one of the finest natural materials, and its unique properties make it a fibre superhero. Merino wool fibres are thinner and smoother than other wool fibres. That's why merino wool feels soft and pleasant, and can be used directly against the skin. The fine merino wool R/H uses does not itch. Merino wool insulates heat and is breathable. It works particularly efficiently as a layering piece. So merino wool items are perfect capsule wardrobe basics.

Easy to wear, easy to care

Whole alpha and omega of making sure your merino wool products last a long time is taking care of the products correctly. Wool is self-cleaning, has antibacterial properties and repels bad odours. Instead of washing, woollen clothes should be aired regularly. This is what the Finnish winter is best for!

Merino wool doesn't like pressure and abrasion so be careful with sharp corners.  Merino wool is your best friend when travelling somewhere where a sun screen is not needed because it does not wrinkle easily and rarely requires ironing.


It is natural for merino wool pieces to pill. Pilling is most often seen in areas exposed to friction. Pilling is a natural part of wearing wool fibres that happens when the wool fibres break because of wear, chafing and washing. 

Pilling can be removed from the clothing with a wool comb. This is how your wool blend garments get that fresh look again and will last longer. 


First of all, do not wash your merino wool pieces too often. Let them air between uses and only wash when really needed. Sometimes life happens and the garment gets stained, but it’s better to treat the steins on their own so you don’t have to wash the whole garment. 

When you do have to wash your merino wool pieces, make sure to use a delicate detergent appropriate for wool. Machine wash with wool or delicate program and make sure to use cold water. Use a laundry bag for protection when washed. Do not use spinning. Please check the care label for the correct recommendation for your product.


Always dry your wool garments flat to prevent them from stretching. Do not  tumble dry to your merino wool pieces, it will shrink them.


Keep your wool pieces folded instead of hanging to retain their shape. Always avoid hanging them on hangers as it might stretch the garment causing it losing its shape. 

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