Woman wearing R/H Studio Magic Marvellous Sweater in Grey and Lavendel.
What is organic cotton?

Cotton is a natural and renewable fiber sourced from the boll of the cotton plant. Organic Cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers, protecting the health of ecosystems and the people involved in the production process. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) traces the organic content and entire process of cotton production to ensure the material is processed ethically and sustainably. Only materials which contain a minimum of 75% natural fibers can be considered for the GOTS certification.

Correct washing temperature

It is essential to follow the recommended temperature because too low temperature may cause unwanted color transfer, but too hot can shrink the garment. Products with strong colors and prints should always be washed inside out.


We usually recommend using a gentle 30 or 40 degrees cycle on your machine. Dark and brightly colored products should be washed separately or with products of the same color in plenty of water. Some dye may come off, especially during the first washes. We do not recommend soaking our clothing. Tumble drying your cotton garments might cause them to shrink as well, which is why it is recommended to air dry them instead.


A cotton garment may shrink during the first wash. Clothes should be reshaped after washing and it is also good to iron them slightly damp or steam when dry.

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