What is wool?

Wool is a naturally produced fiber derived usually from sheep, which makes it a renewable fiber source. It possesses a lot of great qualities, as it acts as a natural insulator, is breathable and resilient. Wool fibers also have a natural protective coating meaning garments made from wool do not have to be washed that often.

Wool blend garments have the warmth and natural appearance of wool but with added strength and shine.


As a dirt-repellent natural fiber, wool is cleaned and refreshed by ventilation. The best ventilation air for wool is cold humid. It is best to remove small stains as soon as possible by brushing or gently cleaning the stain.


Pilling is a natural part of wearing wool fibers and can be removed for example with a wool comb. This is how your wool blend garments get that fresh look again and will last longer.


We use mohair and merino wool in our beanies, scarfs, and sweaters. Taking proper care of your wool blend garment depends on its composition of materials, which is why it is important to check the care label before washing. We usually recommend washing our wool garments by hand with wool detergent. Always dry the wool garments flat to prevent them from stretching out of shape.


Keep your wool pieces folded instead of hanging to retain their shape.

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