Ease your Christmas stress - Check out R/H Christmas Gift ideas

For some, Christmas is not the favourite season. And that's completely OK. We want you to take it slow. We can't take all the Christmas stress away but maybe we can help with that list to Santa Claus? Check below our tips for items to get underneath the Christmas tree! 


1. A gift card is a no brainer. R/H gift card is an ideal gift for that person who is impossible to shop for. The gift card applies to the full R/H selection and is valid for a year.

2. Scrunchie. Are you looking for something small and soft? Then our scrunchies are the perfect choice for you.  P.S. Did you know our scrunchies are made of the left over fabrics?

3. R/H Mountain EarringsPondering a sophisticated yet playful gift idea? R/H Mountain earrings are a quality gift for a quality woman. Psst. Did you know that the earrings are handmade in Finland? Check out our other accessories as well. 

4. R/H Classic piece. R/H Classic collection is something that is here to stay. They never go out of style. They are beautiful, easy and comfy. Just choose the one that is right for your loved one! Does she have a classical style? Go for our Debbie products. Does she like girly things? Go for something from our Magic pieces. Is she more edgy? Then something from our Mickey pieces is a way to go. Psst. A Mickey Square Dress or a Magic Sweater is the p e r f e c t gift for a first R/H product!

5. R/H Holiday Specials. Want something beautiful and unique? Go for our new Holiday Specials Collection.