Few things you didn't know about Salla

We want you to meet our brave, always helpful and caring Store Manager, Salla Ceder. She works at R/H Market, our newly opened retail space in Pohjoisesplanadi 19, Helsinki. There are things we love about Salla.


Salla's roots are in a little town called Miehikkälä. It's a small place in the South-East part of Finland, with population of nearly 2000 inhabitants. In Salla's own words she's a "small town girl" who ended up living in Helsinki when she started at R/H back in 2015. Always when the time allows she takes the four hour bus ride to visit her hometown and to meet family and friends.

"You have a different view to the world when you come from somewhere you know everyone, and everyone knows you troughout. It's actually quite cool. You don't need to keep any secrets or fake anything. It's just you, exactly the way you are."


Salla Ceder

Salla's style is playful, which can be seen from her ever-changing hair color. She started at R/H with lilac and has gone all the way from blue to pink to the current brown. She's a sunshine girl, and most likely you'll find her smiling each time you visit R/H Market. We love this woman!

Salla is nowadays in charge at R/H Market that opened its doors in July 2018 in the heart of Helsinki city center. She has been running R/H Store in Punavuori since January 2016, and now her goal is to bring the good mood and intimate atmosphere also to the new location, even though the space is bigger. The right feeling is important.


Salla Ceder


You might have bumped into Salla elsewhere too... Salla says she's a "festival junkie" - last year she visited six different music festivals if we counted right! Her favourite genres vary from Finnish rap to metal and indie pop. During the weekends she loves to go to gigs.

"There is something really special about those nightless nights in Finland, seeing your favorite artists play and meeting new interesting people. This summer I would love to visit Qstock in Oulu and Flow Festival in Helsinki. Less is more this year!" Salla explains.

Salla Ceder


Get to know this happy camper at R/H Market. There's no outfit issue that Salla can't solve! Follow Salla's R/H life through @rh_salla on Instagram.