Finland State of Mind

Hey lovelies,

Don’t we all just love how our beloved Finland begins to blossom after this Nordic beauty has first put us through some tough times with its cold and dark (but also often very beautiful) winter. Our summer 2020 looks and feels quite different to the usual; we cannot travel abroad or enjoy big festivals with live music. However, now we all have a chance to dig a little deeper and find new ways to take in the Finnish summer.

We have collected some of our R/H team's favorite things to do, see, feel and explore at summer in Finland.

“My favorite thing about Finnish summer is the outdoors. I love to just stroll around the city and nature, listen to different sounds and take in the green scenery and blue skies. My mind always calms when I get outside in the nature. Soul rests as one might say. Also, food tastes a lot better eaten outside, doesn’t it? <3”

“I love the endless nights; how it’s so bright outside that the day changes to evening and evening to night without even noticing. I just love how the summer in Finland feels so much better than anywhere else, it’s like our nature is rewarding us with the most beautiful greenery, golden hours and sunsets for surviving the long, dark winter.”

“Visiting Finnish archipelago by boat is my most favorite thing to do in the summertime. Sea, nature, sun, rain, storm, grey, adventures, outdoor living, cooking fresh fish and just feeling the spirit of freedom. Simple life.”

“If you don’t own a boat and wish to see all that archipelago beauty you can always visit it also by bike or car. Here is a link to discover more about The Archipelago Trail.”

 "This might sound strange, but right now my favorite thing is the rain. Don't get me wrong, I love when Finland surprises us with a heatwave and we can enjoy the beaches and parks. But I love the feeling when a warm rain comes and kind of says to the heat; let's settle down a bit. It's so cleansing. Also, morning coffee -moment outside."


We at R/H want to wish you a wonderfully calming summer. <3