Fashion in Helsinki

Today we show you a glimpse of our FW18 collection to be presented at the Fashion in Helsinki exhibition at the Helsinki Contemporary art gallery on Friday 25th of May. Furthermore, find out what the gallery has to offer within the field of visual arts.



A few words about the visual world of our Fall / Winter 2018 collection that goes by the name Winter Concert. The collection invites you to look and listen to the red moon, the northern woodlands, the play of light and shadow.

The annual Fashion in Helsinki event that takes place - among other venues - at the Helsinki Contemporary art gallery located in the midst of out home city. You can visit the exhibition on Friday for a view of the contemporary Finnish fashion scene.


Helsinki Contemporary

On the photo: Olli Piippo Eight Notes on Oceanic Feeling exhibition at Helsinki Contemporary. Photo credit: Jussi Tiainen

R/H Winter Concert Collection


R/H Winter Concert Collection: Mumba Dress, Laulu Print


The curated event will be a stage for various Finnish brands that have an international presence. The gallery manager Mari Männistö introduces the venue and shares her insights for the fashion-collaboration.

"Helsinki Contemporary is a contemporary art gallery focusing on visual art of current interest that conducts a dialogue with both the surrounding society and the space in which it is presented. We represent 29 emerging and more established Nordic artists and occasionally yet regularly invite both guest artists and curators to work with us.

We strongly believe in the power of encounter whether it is the forms or works of art, people, ideas or stories that come together. That is where the magic happens. That is also the reason why Helsinki Contemporary may serve as a location for carefully selected events like Fashion in Helsinki: fashion is often inspired by art, and vice versa. We are interested in dialogues."


Männistö has a background in sales and marketing in the media industry. We are interested what are the driving forces in her work to promote contemporary Finnish art both locally and internationally.

Oh, there are so many driving forces! The great people in and around the gallery - I mean artists, colleagues, customers, media - a whole range of interesting, wise and extraordinary talented individuals. I also feel like being very privileged - and energized - to be surrounded by all these art works and ideas, thinking, discussions and beauty behind and related to them. And of course, having my background, I get excited by the dynamics of combining artistic content and commerce in a way that creates healthy business.


Helsinki Contemporary

Bulevardi 10

00120 Helsinki