Even though it's still dark and snowy outside (who needs winter after Christmas, are we right?), spring is nearing. It can't yet be seen in nature nor felt in the air or the pulse of the city, but as always, fashion is one step ahead. All over the world, fashion houses are starting to release their spring/summer–collections, which are packed with colour as per usual. 

We all love the colour, it reminds us of the fact that summer is just behind the corner and that we've survived yet another winter. However, we have trouble incorporating it into our wardrobe. Who among us hasn’t struggled with how to style colour and make it look as effortlessly chic as we want it to look? Who among us hasn’t bought a crazy dress with colours, prints and frills, only to end up wearing their trusty little black dress instead? (Nothing wrong with the little black dress by the way, we still consider it the greatest invention since the wheel).

Do not worry, we’re here to help. This spring, we're launching the popular Bobi Coat and Bobi Long Coat in three delicious, popping new colours: Mustard Gold, Soft Ice Pink and Electro Blue. In addition, we’re welcoming a new member into the Bobi family, the Anorak – And we’re going to help you style them!

R/H Bobi Coat & Long Coat, Soft Ice Pink

We’re all different. Some of us like to mix colours and prints fearlessly and play around without it being too serious. This one’s for you!

R/H Bobi Coat & Long Coat, Soft Ice Pink & Electro Blue

Top tips for styling colour with colour:
  • Don't be afraid to combine odd colours. Who says you can't wear orange pants, a blue sweater and a pink coat?
  • Layers, layers, layers. Wear a dress on top of pants, a coat on top of another coat or anorak or two shirts on top of each other. 
  • Forget the rules. Dressing up can be so much fun if you're not afraid of fashion no-nos. I mean, there must be a rule about not wearing a multicoloured sequin skirt on top of pleated culottes paired with a pink anorak and a blue coat, but look how fab?

In case you're hungry for more rainbow-coloured cotton candy fashion, here are some influencers to follow:

Even though colours are fun, not all of us are crazy dressers who like to dim the line between fashionista and crazy wind suit lady. Some of us like it more down to earth with just a pop of colour as the cherry on top. Here’s your inspo, S’il vous plaît.

R/H Bobi Coat & Long Coat, Soft Ice Pink & Mustard Gold

R/H Bobi Long Coat, Soft Ice Pink & Mustard Gold

Tips for combining neutrals with colour:

  • Combine textures. Your outfit immediately gets more interesting if you pair leather pants with a wool sweater, even if they're both black. A pop of colour in the form of a Bobi Long Coat on top and you're ready to go!
  • Accessorise. A faux fur hat, a pretty little purse, a great pair of heels or a piece of statement jewellery brings some edge to your outfit and helps your coat stand out.
  • There are plenty of neutrals. You don't have to dress all black just because you're going to wear a colourful coat. Instead, you can combine a beige pair of pants, an off-white sweater and a brown scarf and still add some colour.

Need more earthy neutral chic fashion inspo? Follow these influencers:

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R/H Bobi Long Coat, Mustard Gold R/H Bobi Coat, Soft Ice Pink R/H Bobi Coat, Electro Blue R/H Bobi Long Coat, Soft Ice Pink R/H Bobi Coat, Mustard Gold R/H Bobi Anorak, Electro Blue R/H Bobi Anorak, Soft Ice Pink

Photographer: Kevin Holmström
Models: Lina Raunio, Jonna Haikonen