Like Mother, Like Daughter

Remember the time when you were young and sneaked into your mother's wardrobe to try out some of her clothes? It felt so exciting and special. On Mother’s Day, we share reflections on childhood and what it means to be a role model for our children.


Children absorb habits and learn through observing their parents. They pick up small nuances of everyday life. At times they question their parents’ way, in the process of following their own course. As they grow older, they cultivate a knowledge they have absorbed at home. Mothers are reflections of ourselves, they shape who we are.

Times have changed and what our parents and grandparents have lived through is from a different time. Discussing the past and the future can lead to great discoveries. Embrace the Mother’s Day and share your learned wisdom about life, love and growing up.

Below Anna with her daughter Yasmin, photographed at our showroom's rooftop terrace by Maija Rantanen.



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