Love Debbie

There is a style that our customers love every season, and it sure is our team's favorite too. Debbie products are simply clever. We will share with you the secrets of this beloved style in support of the Fashion Revolution Week, a movement demanding more transparency and better conditions for garment workers across the globe. 


All our Debbie products are made of a high-quality jersey that has been knitted in Orivesi, Finland. We source the material from domestic suppliers, which we think matters a great deal and brings value to the product. The cotton and bamboo fabrics are soft and elastic so that you can feel free and move around. All our Debbie products are sewn and finished in Tallinn, Estonia.

The secret is the smart cut with long side straps. There are various ways to do the tying, and you can start the wrapping either from the frontside or the backside. Keep it simple with a basic knot or bind up a feminine bow. Summer is almost here, so consider the short sleeve too.

"As we often spend a whole day wearing a single outfit, it's important to maximize the amount of comfy time," says Josefiina, our intern from Oulu, Finland. Below she wears R/H Debbie styles her way.


R/H Debbie Tee Dress, Black


Debbie Shirt is a classic with a twist - the ultimately comfortable Tee with relaxed sleeves that won't squeeze at all. The Debbie comes in black and white, made of smooth bamboo jersey. The short-sleeved style is also a Debbie Tee Dress in black and dark grey.



Debbie Jacket (below) in fresh cotton is sophistication and ease in the same package. We have this jacket in black, but there are two textures to choose from. Black Chain has an intriguing knitted structure while the cotton version features a solid black surface. At the office & out on the streets - this style is great in so many ways.

The same cotton fabric is used for our classic Debbie Skirt as well (further below). Straight, paper bag styled cut with side straps will work like a dream on almost any body shape. Try and see!


R/H Debbie Jacket, Black


R/H Debbie Skirt, Black


Debbie Top is a summery version of Debbie Shirt and it is available in black and white. Not your average top, but a fun one instead. Twist and turn - there are no limits with these bamboo jersey tops. This style is, in fact, an all-year-round top, since a light jacket will keep you safe from cold.


R/H Debbie Top, Black


Debbie Long Dress (below) is a sleeveless maxi dress that comes in black and dark grey. The style is ultra feminine and the long slits on both sides of the the ankle-long hem allow you to move around as you like. This style works as a minimalistic party dress even, if you are fond of comfort and and not afraid to show those lovely female figures.



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