Words from our interns

R/H has had interns since the very beginning and they are an important part of the team. R/H would not be R/H without them. It's all about teamwork and we really value our interns and their input.

Our interns are working in the fields of marketing, sales, production, e-commerce and logistics. Interns are viewed the same as our regular employees and we want to give them a lot of responsibility - with our support of course. Their opinions are valued and we really want to hear their thoughts, ideas and comments. The interns are not just here to make coffee and run errands but to truly learn about the industry and what happens behind the scenes of a fashion brand. They are involved in basically everything. From making Instagram posts to sending packages to customers and writing journal posts - whatever they want to learn more about!

R/H Interns

"I love the girl power in the office"

Don’t just trust what we write, but listen to what our interns have to hear. Here are words from our interns:

- I feel that my opinion really matters. And that they really want to be hear my ideas.

- I love the girl power in the office. We get things done, but we can also chill and talk about what we did during the weekend or what happened on our favorite tv-shows and such. It is really lovely. 

- For me it seems like everyone at R/H really values the interns. Everyone gets to try what they want and everyone gets really important tasks.

As an intern, you get to be part of a rapidly growing Finnish fashion brand and receive a wide understanding of various operations behind a fashion brand. We offer an exciting opportunity to receive insight into the industry and get a hands-on experience working for a fashion brand. Want to join our team as an intern? Apply now! Read more.