International Women's Day 2018

There is power in women and we know it here at R/H. Last month we arranged an event hosted by two power women, Maria Veitola & Emilia Hernesniemi.


8th of March R/H STORE was filled with ladies (and one gent) to celebrate the International Women's Day. Media person and style influencer Maria Veitola interviewed R/H Designer and Creative Director Emilia Hernesniemi, and the one-hour talk was recorded live on social media. The topics varied from childhood memories to early steps of R/H and women in business.

Listen to the podcast in Finnish at Radio Helsinki's web page.

Maria Veitola & Emilia Hernesniemi in International Women's Day 2018

See what Maria and Emilia are wearing! Take a look at Mumba Dress and Square Dress from the Stormy Jazz Collection.