We always recommend our customers to think about the environment and wash clothes only when necessary. Generally, airing the product outside is enough to keep the product fresh and this method also does not wear the fabric. It also reduces the garment's environmental impact, as 30% of these impacts come from garment maintenance.

Remember to always check the correct washing temperature on the garment's washcloth.We recommend removing the stains immediately, for example environmentally friendly with the help of bile soap or a clothes brush.


If at some point you are ready to give up your R/H clothing, put it in second hand or Donate it. We know that R/H clothes are in great demand at many flea markets and second hand shops, such as Moody Monday , Emmy , Tori and Relove , which makes it easier to recycle clothes.

We answer questions related to clothing maintenance at info@rh-studio.fi.

Tricot and jersey

It is important to follow the recommended washing temperature, because too a low temperature can cause the colors to spread or temperature that is too hot can shrink the garment. We always recommend that tricot and jersey clothes are washed inside out.


In general, we recommend using a washing temperature of 30 or 40 degrees, and using a detergent that does not contain bleach. Dark and brightly colored products should be washed separately or with products of the similar color. Colors may fade, especially during the first washes. We do not recommend soaking our products. Using a tumble dryer can shrink cotton clothes, which is why we recommend air drying. It is not recommended to use fabric softener for products containing elastane, as it weakens the elastane fiber.


Cotton products may shrink slightly in the wash. Clothes should be styled when damp after washing. Take a firm grip on the sleeves and hem of the product and gently pull downwards. The products can also be ironed slightly damp or steamed dry, which helps in reshaping.

R/H Studion Mickey Oversize Hoodie värissä Granit Grey, Cosmic Lilac, Moon Black
R/H Studio Bobi Winter Jacket värissä Black Velvet.

Quilted Bobi fabric


Please always check the care instructions on the product's wash cloth. When caring for Bobi jackets, you should turn to a local laundry. The inside of the Bobi pattern has a soft cotton filling, which is why we recommend dry cleaning the jacket. A jacket washed in water in the washing machine may stretch, fluff, shrink or lose its shape and warmth.

The Bobi jacket should be washed at least once a year. If the jacket is used a lot and you move around a lot, you should wash the jacket more often. Light-colored coatsshould also be washed often, so that the dirt does not stick.


We recommend removing stains immediately, for example with environmentally friendly bile soap or a clothes brush. You can use a little water for this, but don't rub the fabric unnecessarily.


Bobi jackets have snap buttons with the R/H logo. Be careful when you open coat. Don't open the snaps, as this can cause snaps to come off prematurely.


We recommend storing the Bobi jacket in a sturdy hanger. During seasonal storage, you should put a suit bag to protect the Bobi jacket. Before storing, remove stains from the jacket and use it for maintenance in the laundry.

merino wool

Comfortable to use, easy to care for'

Merino wool products are long-lasting if you take good care of it with proper maintenance. Wool is self-cleaning, has antibacterial properties and fights bad odors. Instead of washing, woolen clothes should be aired regularly. Finnish winter is the best for this!

Merino wool doesn't like friction and rubbing, so be careful with sharp corners. Merino wool is your best friend when you're traveling somewhere that doesn't require sunscreen because it doesn't wrinkle easily and rarely needs ironing.


Pilling is natural for merino wool products. Pilling usually occurs in areas that are exposed to abrasion. Lint can be removed from clothes with a wool comb.


Avoid unnecessary washing of merino wool products. Ventilate between uses and wash only when you really need it. Sometimes it hurts and happens and the garment gets stained, but it's better to treat the stains individually so you don't have to wash the whole garment.

When it's time to wash, remember to use a gentle detergent suitable for wool. Use a wool or delicate wash program in the washing machine and make sure you use cold water. Use a laundry bag to protect the garment during washing. Do not use spinning. Check the care label for the right recommendation for your product.


Always dry woolen clothes on a flat surface so that they do not stretch. So don't them hang to dry. Do not tumble dry your merino wool products.


Keep your merino wool products sheared instead of hanging so that the garment retains its shape.

R/H SS24 Marvellous Wool Trousers värissä Vivid Fuchsia.



Wool is an easy-care material, because wool repels dirt and cleans itself. Daily maintenance of wool includes ventilation and regular brushing, which extends the life of the wool product. Wool especially likes from cold and damp ventilation from the air.

Lining is characteristic of wool, which is usually caused by from rubbing. By brushing the wool product regularly with a clothes brush, lint can be reduced and at the same time the product will be gently cleaned of dust, hair and other dirt. Loose lint can be removed from the garment, for example, with a wool comb. We do not recommend using a lintc cutter for our mohair-wool blend products, due to the fluffiness characteristic of the yarn.


When it's time to wash a woolen product, it's important to look at the product's washing tag to make sure of the correct washing method and washing temperature. We recommend washing our wool blend products in hand-warm water with a gentle squeeze.

Always use a detergent intended for washing wool. Avoid abrasive movements when washing, so that the wool does not start to feel. The washed sweater should be rinsed with plenty of water and gently shaped to its dimensions. Wool products should be dried horizontally, for example on a towel, so that the product does not stretch and lose its shape when drying.

Your woolen clothes are airily sheared so that they retain their shape

JACQUARD fabrics

Jacquard is a luxurious material that will serve for years if properly cared for. Here are a few tips for proper maintenance of jacquard fabric. It is important to avoid rubbing the fabric. Be especially careful with bag buckles and jewelry. Often, instead of washing, airing and steaming is enough to refresh the garment.

Always check the care instructions on the product's washcloth. Stains should be cleaned locally with a damp cloth and mild detergent instead of washing the entire garment. Jacquard products can be washed in the washing machine with a delicate wash program at 30 degrees with a gentle detergent. We recommend turning the product inside out and using it in a laundry bag

The garment should be placed on a hanger to dry, which helps keep the garment's posture and shape. Ironing and steaming should be done from the wrong side with one point. Jacquard products should be stored on a hanger and for longer storage in a garment bag. This way you avoid wrinkles and fabric wear.



By washing your viscose clothes inside out with a delicate wash program. We recommend either hand washing or gentle machine washing at 30 degrees. We recommend using a laundry bag for viscose clothes, which protects the surface of the garment. After washing, the product should be immediately hung to dry, in which case you will avoid the formation of washing lines.


Avoid using fabric softener, as it can weaken the fabric. Carefully shape the garment while damp to its correct size and hang it to dry on a hanger or shelf.


Viscose usually shrinks 3-5% in the first wash and can feel stiff and hard after washing. The product can be returned to its dimensions by ironing it while it is damp, and the fabric softens when it dries


After washing and ironing, viscose clothing should be stored in an airy hanger.