Parts of our SS19 Collection have already hit stores, and it’s time to introduce it to you guys.

The collection is inspired by a Finnish theater-play called the Phantom of Normality, written and directed by Saara Turunen. The Phantom of Normality explores the yearning for the ordinary, the fear of difference, and the horror of standing out from the crowd. This is most definitely a Finnish dilemma and yet we seem to do nothing but stand out with our oddity and social awkwardness (talk about irony, eh?).

"Everyday Life" is a glorification of that awkwardness, and it emphasises styles that can be worn by anybody in any situation. Simple, yet beautiful and intriguing. We thought we’d talk more about the different dimensions of the collection; the fabrics, the patterns and the silhouettes. This post also aims to encourage all our fellow Finnish sisters to wear colours and prints and stand out even though it might feel as uncomfortable as running a marathon in 15 cm stilettos. 

Much of the collection consists of wardrobe staples that every woman needs in one form or another. We’d like to dedicate this post to these pieces; the overlooked pillars of our style, the quiet heroes of dressing for everyday life.

1. The perfect spring knit. Warm yet light, basic yet special. That’s pretty much all you can ask for in a knit. Made with Merino and Mohair wool for that extra luxurious and soft feel.

2. That collar shirt with a twist. When you want something else than a crisp white shirt, this is your guy. Playful yet business, day yet night.

3. Pattern basics that make you drool. This pattern is just a dream for all of us who like to stick to neutrals but want to make it interesting. The best thing is, you can assemble like 4 different outfits just using this pattern!

4. The transitional coat. You know that time of the year when it’s kind of cold but not that cold, and you don’t have a coat for that exact weather? This is that coat. Plus it’s colourful to get you out of that all black funk.


Stay tuned for Drop 2 of our SS19 collection, which includes for example these fabulous prints.