Never Forget Your Beginner's Spirit

Cocoa x R/H is a collaboration of two creative studios with shared ideas and values. Both R/H and Cocoa want to encourage people to make brave choices, work hard and dream big. The ideas were transformed into a concept that grew through clothing and filmmaking.


The collaboration was carried out in honor of Cocoa’s 10th year anniversary and it includes four different sweaters. Cocoa is a Helsinki based industry leading production company founded in 2007, specializing in advertising and media production with roots in Finland and in Japan.

The story behind R/H and Cocoa joining forces lies in the shared values of the two creative agencies. The founder, Taito Kawata, approached Hanna Riiheläinen and Emilia Hernesniemi from R/H as both shared similar energy, determination and “Let’s do it” attitude.

The sweaters have elements symbolizing team spirit and communality. The printed "Eye" is an amulet of luck. It is a meaningful symbol for R/H, going back to the foundations of the company. The number ten is called "Storm", bringing together both creative forces. “The visual image and the expression of these two sweaters rely on simple and strong black and white, in their most dramatic harmony”, says Emilia Hernesniemi, the Co-Founder and Creative Director of R/H Studio.

Cocoa's founder Taito Kawata continues: "The creative collaborations among Finnish designers and companies is one of the most important resources to encourage new businesses, services or products to emerge. Through this project, we want to encourage everyone to do the same.”


Cocoa x R/H

Cocoa x R/H

Cocoa x R/H

Watch the Cocoa x R/H video below and shop the sweaters here.