If you have ordered something from our online store in past few months, you might have noticed that our online store's black plastic bags have changed. This Autumn we have updated our online store’s packaging materials to biodegradable packages – even the glue and print are approved for food-industry! The bag can be composted, and the colors are water soluble and classified for food-industry, meaning they are not harmful to bio-waste. The bag is made of fully biodegradable FCS and PEFC certified material and they are also recyclable for cardboard collection.

Psst. Don't get scared if you still get your order in a black plastic bag. We still have some of those left and of course we don't want to just throw them away. We will use the old ones first and after that we will send our packages only in these new ones that we love! 



Usually you just throw the empty bag away after you received your order. We have came up with several ideas how you can reuse our more sustainable bag instead of throwing it to the garbage.

For example, the bag can be used as:

  • a magazine rack
  • a flowerpot
  • a bio dish
  • and a fruit basket.

You can also use it to store small items such as hats, gloves or even rolled towels. The bag is also a perfect place to hide your children’s or pets’ toys. The craziest ones frame the pack on their wall. The most obvious way is to reuse the bag as a gift box or a parcel post.

If you discover new ways to use our bag, please share it on Instagram and remember to tag us in the picture, so we can see what wonderful ways you came up with! We love our creative R/H women, so we are sure to see some very inventive ideas.