That Summer of Love: The Three Mantras

The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. - Anaïs Nin
Text & images by Michele Janezic


Eight years ago I found myself on the most thrilling, breathtaking and unforgettable ride witnessing my life magically transform before my eyes. Colors were brighter, songs brought me to heartfelt tears, old wounds healed, childhood fears and insecurities fell away, signs and symbols of hearts and unicorns appeared abundantly and my heart was overflowing with boundless love.


Michele Janezic


I was in awe of the beautiful people in my life and saw that I was surrounded and supported by teachers, healers and guides. I also recognized that not everybody supported my newfound growth and change and a few close friends who questioned and denied my experience dropped away. New connections and friendships emerged and lifelong bonds were formed through acceptance, shared values and dreams. We encouraged, nudged and made a conscious effort not to enable one another. We celebrated our achievements and encouraged growth of our shortcomings, all the while regularly engaging in intimate conversations about the meaning of life and revealing our deepest dreams.


Michele Janezic

Michele Janezic


My perspective shifted so dramatically at such an accelerated rate that I felt as if I was reborn; seeing the world and myself for the very first time. During this cataclysmic shift, I couldn’t quite grasp or explain what was happening and over time came to understand that I was experiencing absolute acceptance and unconditional love of my authentic self and the world around me. And the most beautiful realization was that this new way of seeing and being was here to stay. During this time period, coined the Summer of Love, my dear friend Leslie and I conceived three mantras that epitomized our commitment to conscious living. They continue to serve as essential reminders and we reference them often.


Love It, Don’t Fight It
Accepting that there is no such thing as guilty pleasures and embracing all the things that make you happy. Dance like nobody’s watching, laugh until you snort, watch the cheesy movies, listen to the sappy and poppy songs and allow yourself to be seen during these moments.
Don’t Hate It, Don’t Want It
Time is best spent on the positive so when confronted by something that you don’t like, instead of judging it, simply recognize that it’s just not for you and move on. Remember that we all see differently and that there is something for everyone in this world and not everything is aligned with our likes and personal preferences.
Love It, Want It, Want More of It
Recognize and acknowledge all that you have in your life and be grateful. Gratitude begets gratitude. And if you come across something that you love and want in your life, rather than resorting to jealousy and envy, know that it too can be yours. I practice thanking that person, place or thing for showing me something that I want.


I’ve come to find that these mantras are often interchangeable in a single situation. I might love certain aspects and not care about other things so I take note of what resonates and abandon what doesn’t. And to all the magical, epiphanic, adventurous and beautifully breathtaking moments in life… Love It, Don’t Fight It, Want It and Want More of It.