Thoughts about the fashion system to change

We participated in the Copenhagen Fashion Summit this month to hear about the discussions on the most critical environmental, social and ethical issues facing our industry and planet. We joined this important event in the efforts to learn more about concrete steps towards a more transparent and collaborative supply chain.


The future of transparency
Topics covered at the summit include transparency, and the effects fashion has on the world at large both in social and global situations as it pertains to our society today.
Copenhagen Fashion Summit
Crown Princess Mary as patron of the summit was among the summit’s leading guest speakers, addressing the key necessity that the agenda provides for the future of the fashion industry.
At R/H, we carefully select our materials for many reasons, including for their beauty, durability and easy maintainability, which guarantee that our clothes will last well beyond seasonal, fast fashions. 

But, we also source our materials based on how they behave after they leave your care, that is, we prioritize materials that will degrade gracefully over time, to produce a minimum of non-biodegradable waste or other harmful chemicals. 

We also strive to keep the sourcing and manufacturing as local as possible, to avoid shipping materials from around the world, thereby minimizing our carbon footprint. Moreover, any leftover fabrics and other materials are donated to non-profits and charity organizations, which use these materials to empower women through various socioeconomic projects.

Despite these efforts, there is always room for improvement, across the product life cycle. We are, therefore, committed to a radical transparency about our materials and manufacturing, in the hope that we can continue to push for even more sustainable and collaborative practices at every stage of the process.
To learn about the summit: and the Global Fashion Agenda organisation:


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