One of the main patterns in our SS19-collection is the Nokia pattern. It’s bold, it’s simple, it’s minimalistic… What’s not to love?!

The thing about the Nokia pattern is that it fits all occasions, which is something we really appreciate in a garment (OK, maybe don't wear it to prom). Inspired by this versatility we wanted to show you how to style some of the silhouettes in the Nokia pattern in three ways; work, leisure and evening.

First off, work! The key to wearing Nokia pieces to work is to pair them with something structured and clean. Check it out!

Tips for styling your Nokia piece for work:

  • Don’t overdo it. Avoid mixing too many patterns or prints. You will end up looking like a child’s imaginary friend instead of a consummate professional (although looking like a child's imaginary friend sounds fun too).
  • Keep it covered. We’re all for wearing whatever you like and bearing some skin if that’s your thing, but it usually isn’t appreciated in a professional environment. Be yourself, but not too much, as they say.
  • Do your thing. Even though dressing for work can feel restricted, nothing is stopping you from adding your own twist to things. A great pair of heels, a nice colourful piece of clothing or a red lip can take your outfit to the next level.

Second, leisure. We often want to be a little more laid back and comfy in our spare time, and our Nokia pieces have got you covered in this area as well.

Tips for styling your Nokia piece for leisure time:

  • Be playful. Your spare time is when you do YOU! Try it with your favourite pair of sweats or your cowboy boots and have some fun with it.
  • Comfy is key. Wear something that allows you to move around and doesn’t require perfect posture, it’s way easier to enjoy your free time that way.
  • Don’t stress. If you’re tired of figuring out elaborate outfits, just throw on your Mickey Square dress Nokia and a pair of jeans. Sometimes less is more.

Last but not least, evening. Whether you’re going for dinner or dancing, our Nokia pieces have got your back.

Tips for styling your Nokia pieces for a night out:

  • Be yourself. There are plenty of ways to dress for a night out, ranging from a tight minidress and heels to a loose outfit paired with Dr. Martens. Pick a Nokia piece you’re comfortable in and rock it!
  • Accessorise. Add a cute purse, glittery tights or a fun hat to your ensemble and make it instantly more festive.
  • Wear it with confidence. Anything looks good when the person wearing it is happy and confident. Let your inner light shine through (this applies to every outfit you’ll ever wear in your life, not only for nights out. But you get the point).

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