When you live in the northern hemisphere, you consume a lot of knitwear. During the coldest winter months you basically have no choice but to dress like you have a grandma who’s gone bonkers and knit you a whole outfit for Christmas.

However, some knitwear is not only worn out of necessity. Some knitwear is actually comfy, cool, stylish and an overall joy to wear. Meet Saara – the cutest spring knitwear ever (Saara is also the winner of “cutest manufacturing story”, being knitted by a small family business in Tallinn, Estonia). It's made with Super Kid Mohair and Merino Wool for warmth and comfort, and it adds that luxurious feeling that we all crave in our everyday wardrobe.

The good thing about Saara is that it’s so versatile. The sweater itself is a bit see-through, which gives you the option to choose the vibe you want to convey. Getting ready for a job interview? Wear it on top of a collar shirt. Want to add layering to an outfit? Put it on top of a turtleneck. Want to be sexy but covered up for a night out? Wear it on top of a lace bra/top! The possibilities are endless.

It comes in two varieties, the Saara Knit Sweater and the Saara Long Knit Sweater. It also comes in two colours; Raspberry Jam and Caviar Black. Anyone else suddenly hungry? Shop:

Saara Long Knit Sweater in Caviar Black
Saara Long Knit Sweater in Raspberry Jam
Saara Knit Sweater in Caviar Black
Saara Knit Sweater in Raspberry Jam