Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. - Melody Beattie
Text & images by Michele Janezic


A friend recently introduced me to an exercise of writing a list of gratitudes. The list is one I enjoy writing at least once a year. This one was particularly interesting as it also included writing a list of future gratitudes of which I felt inspired to expand upon. Using eighteen as the amount, first write “18 Things I Am Grateful For” followed by “18 Gratitudes For Things That Are Coming to Me” staying in the present tense and writing freely for a short period of time (suggested period of time is 18 minutes).

(The number 18 represents the symbol of long life. In the Hebrew system of the numerical value of words, the Hebrew word for life (chai) has the value of 18. In tarot, 18 is often associated with the moon, the moon being a symbol of mystery and intuition. The numerology essence of the number 18 has to do with humanitarianism, independence, and building something of lasting benefit. With an 18 vowels number, it means the person desires peace and happiness for humanity and wants to do whatever they can to accomplish that vision. With a heart’s desire interpretation, the number’s essence is translated as the desire.)


18 Things I Am Grateful For
Inspiring Work
The Past, Present and Future
The Sun, Moon and Stars
The Process, Lessons and this Journey


Photo by Michele Janezic


18 Gratitudes For Things That Are Coming to Me


I am grateful for a heart that is so full and for feeling immense unconditional love in all aspects of my life. For sharing a deep soulful love that brings peace, romance, affection, partnership and fullment emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

I am grateful for bountiful work in which I feel inspired, passionate, successful, respected, appreciated, confident, creative, fulfilled and full of purpose.

I am grateful for my personal growth in understanding myself even better, recognizing and embracing my imperfections and evolving into a better, stronger and more conscious person.

I am grateful for my body that is well cared for and feeling stronger, healthier, balanced and flexible. I am grateful for beauty that radiates from within. I am grateful to be able to dance and move with ease, joy and grace.

I am grateful for meaningful friendships and connections with authentic, inspiring, intelligent, unique and kind people. It is a flowing exchange of love, acceptance, appreciation, inspiration, communication, compassion and support.

I am grateful for a beautiful home filled with light, love, warmth, comfort and beautiful treasures. It is a place I feel nurtured and safe in.

I am grateful for my loving relationships with my parents and family - to share old stories, create new memories, to be affectionate and laugh.

I am grateful for the path I have chosen as it is the road less traveled and one that strengthens my courage, learning and growth, values and a life well lived.

I am grateful for the universe and its magic in my life - for all that manifests in magical ways that brings on goosebumps and pinch me moments.

I am so grateful for laughter and silliness - for deep, belly rolling, roaring laughter shared with others and the ability to be unabashedly goofy and silly.

I am grateful for the financial abundance in my life and the great pleasures it affords me. I am able to save for my future, splurge from time to time, travel and treat my loved ones.

I am grateful for all the wisdom and knowledge that continues to help me grow and learn in unexpected and wondrous new ways.

I am grateful for new and growing visions and dreams that are helping shape an extraordinary life.

I am grateful for technology for it helps me to connect with loved ones and others in amazing ways and also for knowing when it’s affecting me negatively and powering down to be more present in the here and now.

I am grateful for my travels to beautiful destinations, to both foreign lands and places right in my backyard that present new, wonderful and surprising experiences and adventures.

I am grateful for the beautiful things that surround me - to have objects and pieces that tell a story.

I am grateful to feel peace and harmony within and with the world around me. I am grateful to see the good and feel connected to fellow mankind - to witness positive change in society, to see generous acts of kindness, to see people helping one another, to see everyone as an equal.

I am grateful for all that life gifts - fresh air, clean water, garden produce, trees, flowers, warm breezes, lakes to jump into, hammocks, fireflies, sunshine, moonlight and shooting stars.


Photo by Michele Janezic

Michele Janezic