New season and new talent at R/H Studio office

The summer is almost gone, autumn is approaching and we are excited about it! New season also brings new talents: We want you to meet our newest member in the R/H family, Annika, who is working as an Ecommerce Manager. 


Annika comes from a small municipality called Maalahti located 25 kilometers south from Vaasa. Annika moved to Helsinki 6 years ago, after completing her studies in Vaasa. In August she joined the R/H family and we are happy about it! 

E-commerce Manager Annika Mänty

Annika describes herself as a country girl who loves DIY projects and to look at people walking by on the street and wonder: "What's their story?". Her friends say she's a bit like Luke in Modern Family, since she's a bit clumsy and there's always something happening to her. 

Autumn means new beginnings for Annika. She points out that after summer and long holidays people are more relaxed, and full of energy to start something new. For her, autumn is more like a New Year than the actual New Year in January. 

E-commerce Manager Annika Mänty

Before Annika started working at R/H Studio she had read about the brand in several articles. For Annika, R/H proved to be an interesting brand due to its value base, such as, having a local production practice. According to Annika, R/H has a group of hard-working super women who are not scared to make actions or taking risks, and that inspires her.

One of Annika's biggest dreams is to have her own workshop for her DIY projects. Currently she's working on a wooden shoe rack with a hint of industrial style. Moreover, she dreams about going to Canada. "It's been a dream since I was a kid", she says. 

E-commerce Manager Annika Mänty