Moms are the very first loves of our lives. They are our friends, role models and cheerleaders, and if you're anything like us, with each passing year, you see more and more of your mom staring back at you in the mirror. 

They've raised us, carried us, fed us, given us love and understanding and set us straight when we've needed it. They've given us an example of a woman who is strong and able, all while showing us it's okay to be vulnerable. They've also yelled at us irrationally and blamed us when they've misplaced their car keys (or anything else for that matter). They've shown us what it means to be human. Now let's show them what it means to be stylish!

Mother's day is coming up this week and we want to spoil our mommas rotten. We've compiled a gift guide with our favourite items that are perfect for any mom. Take a look!

1. Mickey Longsleeve in Nokia Pattern (on sale!) 2. Jenni Jacket in Pure White Denim 3. Saara Knit Sweater in Raspberry Jam (on sale!) 4. R/H gift card 5. Ada Knot Trousers in Pure White Denim 6. ASK x R/H Mandi Crossbody 7. Mickey Handbag in Gold/Black 8. Bobi Anorak in Electro Blue (on sale!) 9. Mickey Square Dress in Baby Pink/Black 10. Mountain Earrings in Hazelnut 11. Square Dress in Nene Print

P.S. Since every girl wants to be twinning with her momma, we have an offer for you guys. Buy 1 Mickey & Magic classic and get -30% off another!