Our favourite Summer party looks

Summer is the ultimate season for festivities, ranging from graduations to weddings and garden parties. While it’s a wonderful time to be alive, it’s also the prime time for a full-blown wardrobe crisis. Let’s prevent that, shall we?

We all know what it’s like to rip out your entire closet and cry out “I have nothing to wear!!” 5 minutes before leaving for a party. Most of the time we find something at the last minute and end up looking fabulous, but wouldn’t it be nice to live without the feeling of despair before every festive outing? We think so.

The key to avoiding a wardrobe crisis is to get yourself a piece that is versatile and makes you feel confident at all times. We’ve compiled a guide with different looks to make party season just a little easier for all of you.

1. The dress for any occasion. Many of us like a solid, summery dress for our summer parties. It is a classic that never goes out of style and you’re guaranteed to look amazing in it. Whether you want a beautifully accentuated waist or a boxier look, we’ve got it covered!

2. The skirt-shirt combo. Sometimes the ultimate choice is a showy skirt and a more down to earth top or vice versa. Or, if you’re feeling extra, a co-ord skirt and shirt look.

3. The suit look. Some of us like to party in pants. If this is the case, what could be better than a playful suit for your summer festivities? Just make sure you’re wearing a presentable top in case it gets too hot to wear a blazer (or rock a sweaty look, if that’s what you’re into).

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