Text & Images by Michele Janezic



Fashion Week descended upon New York again with its expected hype, energy and drama. The city continues to offer a solid foundation and audience for both iconic and unknown, upcoming brands. While a thrill on some levels, the presentations, the scene, the bloggers and influencers can all be a bit much.

Stephanie Brummell

Stephanie Brummell is wearing Blues Hoodie Dark Orange, Jenni Jacket Stone Denim and Ada Knot Trousers Black Line Velvet.

The best part of living in New York is
not having to wait for Fashion Week to find inspiration. As the first leaf starts to turn and a chill in the morning air arrives, so do seasonal wardrobes. At the start of fall in New York, despite the still humid, sauna-like conditions, it isn’t unusual to see someone prematurely donning a fur coat waiting on a subway platform.

Cynthia Ni

Cynthia Ni is wearing Mumba Dress in Laulu Print and a Tornado Backpack

I like to think and truly believe that personal style also goes far beyond clothing. Style comes in all shapes, colors and forms and is a dynamic combination of attitude, creativity, confidence, charisma and feeling. And as temperatures continue to drop with autumn’s arrival, new creative personalities emerge everyday on the streets, on the trains, in the parks, and at the festivals.

While there is still value in Fashion Week, there is greater value in personal exploration, playfulness and discovering one's own authentic style. As Yves Saint Laurent famously said: "Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

Georgia Fulton

Georgia Fulton is wearing Blues Dress Space Blue and Turtle Sweater Space Blue/Sparkling Red.