The woman behind R/H’s new earrings

As you might know, there is a woman behind every R/H piece and since we launched the Mountain Cliff Hangers today, we thought it would be perfect to tell you about the woman behind them. Dear reader, meet Roosa Ryhänen.


Roosa is a life enjoyer that exudes confidence and a certain type of calmness – you should meet her to know what we are talking about! She might also be one of the reasons why the coffee consumption is so big in Finland, because this gal sure loves coffee! And slow mornings and going to dog parks with her friend and the friend's great dane.                                                                                                        

The road led her to R/H Studio in March 2018 when she started as a Production Intern and quite early she was asked to design new earrings for R/H. With her former art professor’s words in the back of her mind “Symmetry is sin” she intuitively began to combine different shapes together with the already known Mountain earring. It was clear that she wanted to design a continuum for the Mountain family. She designed a whole new family of earrings called Mountain Cliff Hanger and three of them were taken to production. Scroll down to check out the earrings.

Roosa Ryhänen

Roosa was born in Joensuu in Eastern Finland but lived most of her life in Tampere and in her own words, that’s also where her identity was formed. She took a Bachelor of Arts in Lahti Institute of Design and moved to Switzerland 2013 to study Master of Arts in ECAL (École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne). You can see the sparkle in her eyes when she talks about ECAL; It's amazing that they had resources to invite big designers as their tutors and professors, and to evaluate ECAL student's projects. Switzerland also got a fair amount of endorsement with its beautiful scenery and hiking routes.

At the moment Roosa’s searching for bio-gradable materials for R/H’s accessories and she’s super excited about it. Materials inspire me, but so does the random things that happens in life.

Roosa Ryhänen

 Mountain Cliff Hanger earrings are designed and made in Finland and they are available online and in Market Helsinki from 21st of September.

Mountain Cliff Hanger Silver (Gold) 65€
Mountain Cliff Hanger Disc (Gold / Black) 65€
Mini Mountain Cliff Hanger Silver (Black) 55€

R/H Mountain Clfif Hanger Disc & Silver