Tyttöjen Talo exist so that no one is left alone.

A group of girls are sitting at a table in the House of Girls.

The mission of the Tyttöjen Talo is to increase girls' hope for the future. Tyttojen Talo's are places for girls and young women between the ages of 10 and 28, taking gender diversity into account. At Tyttojen Talo you can do hobbies, spend meaningful free time in a safe environment and get support in difficult life situations.

We at R/H share the same goal with the Tyttöjen Talo. We want to be involved in building a world where the creativity of girls and women becomes even more visible. We hope that we can bring joy, playfulness, creativity, friendship and successful experiences into the everyday lives of as many girls as possible.

From December 2023, we will give monetary donation of 1€ to Tyttojen Talo from every R/H online store order. Our donation is used for free time activities and trips for Loisto Settlementti, Tyttöjen Talo customers in Helsinki and Espoo. We value and consider the donations extremely important, because no one should be left out of free time activities due to financial or other constraints. The opportunity for creative, collaborative moments is valuable.

R/H x Girls' house for a night out.

In addition to monetary donations, we also want to participate in the organization's activities in a tangible way. In addition to financial support, we want to give girls and young women our time and our presence. That's why our team will organize a creative making workshops, where everyone has the opportunity to immerse themselves in creative making. 

Nurturing creativity in a community atmosphere has always been the core of our own philosophy. When something beautiful is created in your own hands, your self-esteem is strengthened. Even small moments of success and encounters with your own creativity can release enormous resources. Especially when life is stormy or gray.

The theme of relevance has always been dear and important to us. This year we have stopped to think about how we could sow even more goodness around us. Starting cooperation with Tyttojen Talo feels like a natural first step for us. We want to bear responsibility for promoting girls' and women's creativity, community and well-being. Let this be our first step.

Girls House hanging out.

The world changes with small, but meaningful actions. Everyone can create hope, joy, positivity and light. We are looking forward to the workshop, the time spent together and the experiences experienced together. The life path of every girl and young woman is worthy of support and affirmation.

When you can be seen, heard and part of the community, the future can seem more hopeful. We know that, also from our own experience – as girls, women, female entrepreneurs, creative professionals, friends, sisters and mothers.

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